Thursday, February 28, 2008

when HaPpY :)

When I see, I see like wanna stare
When I smile, I smile like I wanna laugh
When I touch, I touch like I wanna spank
When I talk, I talk like I wanna sing
When I walk, I walk like I wanna dance
When I sleep, I sleep like I wanna open my eyes
'Coz I know... tomorrow will not be the same like I'm now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'll walk when my feet move,
I'll move when my mind blinks,
but when it blinks, i cannot grab.
Well it need the heart to plug for the blinks...
What does my heart feel is where my walk heading to.
The heart will show the sparks,
give me light to see the reflection.
Thus feet without a heart leads you to nowhere,
mind without a heart give you no feeling,
Heart without a piece of mind will let you fly without wings.
Thus... walk with your heart, mind, and feet...


Life starts from a deep silence
Thus lets stop a while, refresh the soft sense
Hear what you hear, think what you hear
See what you see, think what you see
What is it all about? Analyse it
Then you know...
What you hear is the ryhthm you're now,
What you wish to hear...go for it, to the source of the decibel...
What you see is the meaning of what God ask you to think,
What you wish to see...go for it, to the reflection of reality...
Well life is beautiful though it's hard to live in sometimes
Think of the best and the worst of your life...that's how life means to you
Thanks God life is for you...