Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sesaat kamu...

Di kala kesibukan mencari rezeki,

Di kala keriangan menyambut realiti,

Di kala kelemahan menahan sepi,

Pasti ada sesaat diriku dibayangi,

Dibayangi wajah dirimu yang telah pergi.


Aku tidak sempat menjala cinta sepenuh jiwa

Menabur bakti hanya seluas hektar,

Memohon maaf apa yang salah.

Tapi… jika kau masih di dunia,

Tiada satu saat penyesalan yang kupinta,

Kerana kau ku sayang dan cinta.

Ibu, bapa, atau anakku yang disayangi,

Pemergianmu sentiasa diredhai,

Al-fatihah buatmu sentiasa di kelumat bibir

Walau aku memerlukanmu di saat ini,

Tapi syukur yang hakiki membatasi…

Kerana ku tahu kau bahagia di alam firdausi,

Dari mengharungi ketidaktentuan nasib di bumi,

Bersama karenah pencetus pelbagai reaksi.

Syukran jazilan ya Allah,

Sesungguhnya kau mengasihi diriku jua,

Kerana mengutus insan tersayang walau seketika…

Monday, October 24, 2011

* Exhausted vs Responsibility *

That seems not a good life in surface thought
Subsurfacely, it held every reason to ponder
Which in conclusion, it’s all about responsibility.

Born to be a caliph
It’s a promise as an Islamic Ummah
A caliph is expected to live with responsibility
That gains a complete satisfaction once it gets done.

Responsibility could be realized when you paused awhile from what you’re doing
Once at a time, one-by-one
Through experience appears by times
But only if you think and keep on thinking as if you’re a thinker of a down-to-earth man.

The more you grow, the more responsibility you hold
Hence the more the exhaustion
But if you know the significance of exhaustion and responsibility,
It’ll be…
The more you’ll appreciate the exhaustion as…
The more responsibility should explain a more responsible caliph.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"You" on our Cotton Anniversary

Hello my dear,
No matter how I fear,
I always know you’re here,
So I won’t feel so weird.

You’re my always strength,
For me to straightly stand,
On the world so grand,
Like you hold my hand...

Oh you!
You have my heart,
And I love it hard,
To keep it bright,
As always never apart!

[a simple poem i can sing for him :)]

Monday, February 7, 2011


When I was a small baby,
I never know how I was...
Until now I saw my own baby,
And see my own nephew,
Then I knew how I smiled and cried,
Made the world smiled with me.

When I was a little toddler,
I never know how I behaved...
Until now I see my nieces,
Then I knew how I was taught to be good,
Made the world smiled at me.

When I was a grown child,
It's not all that I remember...
Until now I see the growing children,
Then I refreshed with all the happiness,
An everyday gifts from the only couple.
Made them smile with satisfaction.

When I was a teenager,
It's even more that I could remember,
But it's not that all I could imagine those time,
Until now I see my teenage niece,
An intermediate status between a child and an adult,
Made the world cautions with patience.

When I was a new adult,
The early 20s was more than to only remember,
Until I now I see my blogposts,
Refreshing the times of smiles and cries,
Just like the basis of life,
From the born till the death,
Until the dot comes to an end of life chapters.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Take a break for a short quiescent
Under a bright day or a dark night
To see the white-cottony clouds or the shining stars
To feel the air breezing through the skin
For a sensation of natural touch
As a moment of life appreciation
Still living in the world of no harm
For a lovely life of somebody's arm.

I am neither wealthy nor deprived
Just in the mid to stay calm despite normal trial
Visioning to step further in contentment
With the blessed efforts for a better life
With appreciations of current life
With prays for future life
This is an appreciation of the God’s creations
Thank you Allah
For all the greatness in the world
I accepted everything for knowing it's a destiny
I thanked everything for knowing it's the best of everything

The voice of the victim

I am a small innocent kid
Who owned by the almighty God
For my parents who live to love me
To raise and to see me grow
Well apparently I have long more years to go
To see the beautiful world
To befriend the kind people
And to grab my dreams; a good kid, a good parent, and... a professor!

Since you came to kill me
I didn’t know what your intention was at first
But I know who you are
I know how you looked like
I know how uncouth you are
I know how lie you are
It’s only that I didn’t have more time left
To tell my parents who you are
How I was to be the victim
How I was killed...

I can see you now from my beautiful room in the heaven
With my new friends, but not with my parents
The people on the earth are searching for you
Fighting the rights of my murdered case
They are miserable and yet never stopped to discover you
It’s just that they haven’t got you
But hey...
The almighty God is watching you
Knows what are you doing and thinking
And later you’ll be sentenced
Worthy for the harshest punishment

For my parents and all who loves me
I love you so much!
Thank you for the prays and gifts of al-Fatihah
The real world is here
I love my world in the heaven now
And will never miss to miss my loved ones...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tears~

Oh God, the receptors activate again!
Look, the lacrimal gland stimulates tears!
And now the tears film cannot resist the psychic liquid anymore!
It drops down the cheek with a reddening face and a sobbing sound.
And more often than not, convoy with a convulsive breath that hits the surround.

Oh tears, be it a good lacrimation for a couple of good eyes,
I wonder why it is always for the sake of strong emotional stress,
Triggered by a dramatic episode that puts me under a severe strain,
Cutting me off from the outside world which left only the inside pain.
Come on, I need a brake of such a good emotional paint.

But anyways,
Thanks God, at least the tears come with some proteins,
The leucine enkephalin that kills the pain away,
Bring me into release of a beautiful life.