Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The voice of the victim

I am a small innocent kid
Who owned by the almighty God
For my parents who live to love me
To raise and to see me grow
Well apparently I have long more years to go
To see the beautiful world
To befriend the kind people
And to grab my dreams; a good kid, a good parent, and... a professor!

Since you came to kill me
I didn’t know what your intention was at first
But I know who you are
I know how you looked like
I know how uncouth you are
I know how lie you are
It’s only that I didn’t have more time left
To tell my parents who you are
How I was to be the victim
How I was killed...

I can see you now from my beautiful room in the heaven
With my new friends, but not with my parents
The people on the earth are searching for you
Fighting the rights of my murdered case
They are miserable and yet never stopped to discover you
It’s just that they haven’t got you
But hey...
The almighty God is watching you
Knows what are you doing and thinking
And later you’ll be sentenced
Worthy for the harshest punishment

For my parents and all who loves me
I love you so much!
Thank you for the prays and gifts of al-Fatihah
The real world is here
I love my world in the heaven now
And will never miss to miss my loved ones...

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