Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tears~

Oh God, the receptors activate again!
Look, the lacrimal gland stimulates tears!
And now the tears film cannot resist the psychic liquid anymore!
It drops down the cheek with a reddening face and a sobbing sound.
And more often than not, convoy with a convulsive breath that hits the surround.

Oh tears, be it a good lacrimation for a couple of good eyes,
I wonder why it is always for the sake of strong emotional stress,
Triggered by a dramatic episode that puts me under a severe strain,
Cutting me off from the outside world which left only the inside pain.
Come on, I need a brake of such a good emotional paint.

But anyways,
Thanks God, at least the tears come with some proteins,
The leucine enkephalin that kills the pain away,
Bring me into release of a beautiful life.

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