Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tears~

Oh God, the receptors activate again!
Look, the lacrimal gland stimulates tears!
And now the tears film cannot resist the psychic liquid anymore!
It drops down the cheek with a reddening face and a sobbing sound.
And more often than not, convoy with a convulsive breath that hits the surround.

Oh tears, be it a good lacrimation for a couple of good eyes,
I wonder why it is always for the sake of strong emotional stress,
Triggered by a dramatic episode that puts me under a severe strain,
Cutting me off from the outside world which left only the inside pain.
Come on, I need a brake of such a good emotional paint.

But anyways,
Thanks God, at least the tears come with some proteins,
The leucine enkephalin that kills the pain away,
Bring me into release of a beautiful life.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roti Jagung (Cream Corn Bun)

It’s just a cream corn bun; it sounds zilch
Soft grown yeast with sweetie creamy corny fill
A value of some cents which some may eat without feel
But for me, it gave thousands means.

Oh cream corn bun...
I picked you from shelf after a few rounds hunt
You just remind me of your youth gentle fan
Who is my beloved husband, Azlan.

Well, cream corn bun...
I valued your great taste and now I am your fan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The LOVES towards mothers! Happy Mother's Day

The world knows what a mother’s love means
The hearted children know what the value is
Nothing compared to a mother’s love bliss
It’s a magical love nobody could pay fees.

Conversely, do mothers know we love them?
No matter who we are today, the great loves are still hers
We sincerely appreciate the whole lot from mothers
All done were their loves towards us
Thus we don’t count how much loves they spend for us
Because we knew infinity is the counter.

Dear mothers,
If we may lend you our lives for a while,
You may know our true hearts and souls,
They tell you our true loves towards you...
If we may choose to die before you,
You may know our true tiny sacrifices,
They tell you our appreciation towards you...
Unfortunately, the world is not ours to simply choose.
Thus at times our loves may be hiding beyond our serene life with you,
Which then you may sometimes quest our loves on you.

Well mothers,
We always love you no matter what you are.
Happy Mother's Day...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A copied-pasted post from Hajar's blog (*_*)

I just noticed this post(below)at Hajar's blog! OMG it has been more than a year, Jar! Thank you for such a sweet story. Amazed your tears & I really appreciate that. You & I know the love story, and I'm sure we're deeply appreciate what LOVE is :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Perkahwinan Raihan & Alan

raihan & alan...

percintaan mereka start masa ktorang sem 4 kot di UPM...Lan adalah junior kami masa di UPM..same course ngan ktorang..ntah camne ekk, dorang leh, mula2 mmg close la..ktorang bertiga selalu g lepak kat putrajaya, mkn kat food court persint 8 tue..pastu, balik mkn lepak lak kat jambatan putrajaya tue..aku ni sbnarnyer sbgai member tuk 'cover line' dorang, aku tak kisah..layan jeks..pernah gak, tetiba jek raihan ajak g genting..ktorang pon g la dengan excitednya..raihan,lan,aku, aini n yana la bila teringat that moments..

raihan n lan gak, pernah teman aku g hantar present tuk abg aku kat mantin masa tue..sanggup tu mereka ni nak hantar...padahal dah mlm buta masa tue..sgt sporting dorang ni..
aku ingat lagi, aku penah berkomplot ngan lan nak suprisekan raihan..masa tue, tgh cuti sem..aku ngan raihan kat BP la..lan nak dtg bp masa tue tp nak suprisekan raihan...
plannyer..pada hr tu, aku ajak raihan breakfast sesama kat Project jalan Kluang..aku dah bgtau lan yg ktorang akan breakfast kat situ kol 8pg..lan gerak dr KL kol 4pg kot..then, tgh ktorang breakfast tu, lan pon smpai..raihan tersgtla suprise dgn kehadiran lan masa tue..tersengih2..suka ar dia, kekasihnya dtg...aku pon hepi tgk dorang..then, ktorang g tjg agas,muar..lepak2 kat sana kejap..kejap jek..sbb mak ryan dah call tanyer katne..mmg pecut terus raihan balik pastue...
bykla kenangan2 manis..suka duka mereka bersama...penuh dgn drama dan air mata..ermm..bukan senang tau..berkat kesabaran dorang, akhirnya mereka di ijabkabulkan...alhamdulillah..tu pasal la aku menangis waktu dorang nikah hr tu Nad!
those are the happy moments...

kami semua mendoakan kebahagiaan...

Pn. Raihan Bte Ramli & En. Azlan Shah Bin Aziz

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Time Manager and its Time

As time flies faster than the chirping Hirundapus caudacutus,
The planned things go out of the bounders,
No laps to keep them tight, no fingers to grab them taut,
It flies away without reversing to the Time Manager,
Who isn’t capable enough to deal with time proficiently…

“Bye-bye”, said the Time
The Time Manager would just gaze blankly,
Feeling guilty of the things undone,
Hoping to get some more precious time,
To cover all the messy stuff wiring head and mind…

Now… the Time Manager asked, “Where are you, Time?”
The Time happily replied, “I’m here! Why are you calling me?”
“I need you, my dear!” begged the Time Manager.
“Well, a Time is always a Time. I cannot turn my way back to you, dear. Once gone, it’s gone. The God is giving you another precious Time, for you to optimally use” the Time said.
The Time Manager then pulls out her another sheet of recycled paper,
To re-write the list of things unsettled… again… a new day with a new Time begins…

Hirundapus caudacutus” :

Thursday, April 22, 2010


“Colours are beautiful”; the 1st impression of blunt words

“Colours are instances of soul”; the 1st expression of genuine life

I feel like portraying my colourful soul on a piece of canvas
From the soul to the brain, then to the hand that brush away the colours on
The oil and acrylic paints, for which ever I choose, will result to the same portray of one
That is, when I say colours, sure it’s not the only shining colours mirroring the happiness
It’s more than that! From the black instance of evil, to the grey instance of dull.
But anyway the combination yet not blend of those positive and negative colours’ characters just made it perfect natural.
Hence I said it is in fact beautiful; interprets my beautiful life

Friday, February 5, 2010

Childhood & Other funny memories

Have u ever sat there and wished you were a little kid again? Well, pretty much not for me as I love and thank God to bless me with such a beautiful life with smiles and cries I have gone and am going through. The happiness and sadness I have and shall experience will reward me to a greater and mature thinking. The past has gone and now it is the moment to move forward with a little pleasure of looking backward.Whatever it is, here are some of my brief childhoods memories that made me smile close to the heart.

1. When I was a little tot
I was a graceful kid who loved to play “kitchen apparatus” and “babies feeding” toys. Why? Because my dad who is a well-known of his strictness did not allow me to play with sand or soil or any others that he thought might dirt me out!

2. When I was in the primary school
It was the time to play & play! My play timetable:
• Morning: “Tenteng” with Rhod.
• “Rehat”: “Police entry, 1 to jaga, police mati pencuri jaga” with classmates of “Kuning”Noon.
• (While waiting for transport to pick me up): “Main choup tiang” with Rhod & classmates.
• *plus: (in Std. 3 during “Kelas Agama”: “Main sembunyi2”. Will not be back to class until the “Ustazah” call us back).
Also remember, I missed to join the Std 6 trip to … (I can’t remember the place) because my mom who is well-known of her protectiveness did not allow me to go for any school trip.

3. When I was in the secondary school?
Still, it was the play & play time! I think I became more playful when I reached Form 4 even though I was a prefect by that year. What were the “playful” memories?
• F1/F2: Nothing much, except for “meniru” during examination. It was just “sometimes”
• F4: I was caught by “Cikgu Bertugas” to stay in the class, not joining the assembly in the hall. For a prefect to skip assembly was impossible, but that was what I did. The reason was because: The team inc. me was completing the task given by the late Mr. Sia on something related to Environmental Sketch Book competition. What an excuse! One more unforgettable memories: My “gang” & I joint “Pameran Rekacipta” which supposed to be an “invention” (konon), but we end up innovated a so called “mobile periscope” covered with a cartoon wrapping paper. Anyhow the funny part here was about Ned who vomited when she woke up. The reason was: “tahan…*tuuuut*”
• F5: Some of my classmates , my “gang”, & I were punished by “Cikgu Disiplin” for being late to class once “masa rehat” has over. Well, we thought there will be no teacher replaced on that day, so we didn’t care what’s going on in the class. However, since I was a prefect who was holding a “buku laporan pengawas” by that time, I was free from punishment. What a “bohong sunat”! Lots more funny memories lah!

4. When I was in the foundation program: Also kind of a “play & play time”

5. When I was in undergraduate school?
Also “play & play”. I remembered telling my friend about my boredom of being studied for exams that would be held few days after. Then we ended up spent a day & a night at Port Dickson, departed a minute just before the main gate closed (11.59pm) & arrived there searching for hotel at 2.00 am. Hajar was one of the members! One more: A trip to Genting Highland with not much cash in hand. My hubby, myself & 2 other friends (Hajar, you are 1 of them) were gladly travelled without thinking of how to pay the entrance charges + fuel. We ended up “tong-tong” for the RM30 fuel for my RX (just because the tank was empty by the time we reached the top) & entrance charges.

6. When I was in the graduate school? It was not anymore “play & play time”. Hardcore study! *But, never missed the “play” part. Remember most: My friend & I went for “sahur” at Mamak Restaurant, wearing pajamas. It was about to 5.25am, nearly “imsak”, but we kept eating the delicious mee goreng mamak until the waiter said, “Adik, ini masa sudah mau abis” (while pointing the clock on the wall). However, we just replied, “Errr… kitorang punya jam blum masuk waktu lagi”. Whatta!

7. When I was in marriage proposal
I have many male boys befriended with, but not to have relationship except with my hubby. No flirting, no “gedik”, no nothing at all, except for the whole sincere love towards him, my hubby.We set our vision & proceed our mission until today & future.Amin...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"First Love" questions (questions adopted from Hajar's blog) :)

1. First time jumpa with your hubby bila and kat mana?

At K6, UPM. We (Pjan, my hubby, & I) went out to one of the hi-architecture bridges in Putrajaya, about 6-7 years ago. However, my hubby said, he met me first than I met him; that was when I arrived late to Inorganic Chemistry 3 class.

2. Love at first sight?

It’s quite hard to think when, but when I asked my hubby, he said it was when we met at Aini’s hometown (Kuantan, Pahang). How we got there? Haha… (Ask me more personally)

3. Who is he the first time u met him?

He was my 1st degree causemate (Petroleum Chemistry) & one of my classmates for Inorganic Chemistry 3.

4. How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?

We befriended “normally” for few months to a year, I think. It became “special” after a semester break where then we started our dates.

5. First place dating di?

Again, at the same Putajaya bridge when we 1st met.

6. How he proposed?

Proposed to be a special GF: 3 times via SMS
Proposed to be a wife: it happened naturally with God’s blessings, thus this is indescribable

7. Special date with your hubby?

The most special date is the day of our Ijab & Qabul.

8. Changes that he asked you to do?

Couples of months before our marriage, we did have an exchange of our frank heartfelt & wishes we would like share once being a family of 2, but what are they… (Ask me more personally)

9. What is about him that you love so much?

Patience, loyalty, and thrust towards me who loves him so much.

10. What is about him that u wish he would change?

Quit "XYZ" of course, though it’s not something that I hate...(i have to do this amendment, because there are small kids! shh...hahahaha)

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he?


12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he?

“When he smiles, I’m happy; when he is sad, I cry”

13. Complete this sentence: My love towards my hubby is as big as...

My Love towards him cannot be compared to anything. It is so big that I cannot describe any! I love you, my husband.

p/s: Those questions were adopted from Hajar's interesting blog. I like that beautiful post, so I want to try mine. Hehe...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Patience is a power of suffering with fortitude. A pleasure is not enjoyable without pain, thus patience is needed in our interim life. To make life perfect, it is not humanity. Life is to accept the moment, neither the past nor the future. Then, with the current stand, think forward.

Yes, that is the brief statement of patience, which is commonly used to console a failed person. So that is the answer of “What should the person do?” Yes, everybody knows that. So what lacks now? It is the “How”! “How should the person goes through it?” Well, the answer lies on the person itself. Nobody is going to take care of it; she herself dealing with it, patching back the broken pieces into one special treat.

I am just a 27 years old lady, comes from a great happy family and sharing lives with a great lovely husband. However, the story I have listened to, the scene I have seen, and the most; the experience I have gone through, are the points I am collecting from, to develop the “patience” I need in my proceeding life.

It is not that easy to deal with this when it comes to your life. If you are facing such a pretty tough torment, you may need a powerful strength to keep you standing. How strong is your strength now? Well that cannot be measured I think, as it is due to the intolerable timing of when does the pain suspend you. Anyhow, whatever it is, you have to be ready. How it can be done? Some of them are:

• Let the sincere tears out as much as you can
• “Istighfar” as much as you can
• Talk to your spouse and/or family and/or friends about it
• Be a good listener of advices from others
• Pray as complete as you can
• Read Quran as far as you can
• Have fun with spouse, family and friends
• Write anything as long as you love to write
• Read more motivational articles
• Have a good rest whenever time limits you for that
• “Tawakkal” and believe God is the almighty

Finally, life is about accepting the present moment. Therefore, patience is the biggest lesson for a person. It is the key of enlightenment because if you do have pain and ensure you practice the patience, you will be rewarded beyond measure. Remember, the good things in life take time...


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pertemuanku dengan si dia, suamiku~

Tatkala tenangnya hati bila bibir melafaz zikir, 
Tatkala tenteramnya jiwa bila mata menghadap baitullah,
Mengorak aku menunduk diri,
Mengangkat tapak tangan dr lepak di bumi,
Membiar mulut berbicara hati,
Di bibir lembap dibasahi zamzam.
Berdoa kudipertemu jodoh yg benar,
Yang hanya dialah suami lagi kekasih.
Maka kupohon biarlah ia dipermakbul. 

Siapa yg tahu itu tak terduga,
Sepurnama setelah itu kubertemu dengannya,
Dari kenalan, hati mengusik jiwa,
Terus berputik mekar bersama, 
Sentiasa senyum walau kadang termuram manja,
Berkat keikhlasan bercinta setia.

Namun, bagaikan adat orang melayu,
Tidak senang melihat bahagianya org lain,
Ada saja iri hati lalu berdengki.
Cuba memisahkan ikatanku yg semakin kuat. 
Pelbagai cara dicuba mencabar sabar,
Sampai tak sedar air mata mentakhta diri. 

Namun, melatah bukan sifatku;
Aku masih berfikir waras,
Semuanya kerana Tuhan masih ada.
Makanya aku & dia tetap memegang teguh pertalian itu,
Sehinggalah tiba masanya Ijab & Qabul,
Menyatu diri membina masjid,
Membentuk kebahagiaan yg lebih beerti.

Kini cintaku & dia semakin tegar & kuat.
Tak getar dek hasut, tak rapuh dek dengki,
Kerana Tuhan maha besar,
Tiada siapa yg dpt menandingi kuasaNya.

Apa yg kupinta, biarlah cintaku ini tegar & kekal hingga dibawa ke syurga,
Senang bahagia hidup disinari cahaya rahmatNya.
InsyaAllah, Allah maha besar.    

Rindu lagi :(

Tersadai di atas kerusi, 
Aku lepak seorang diri,
Terkedap indah di dalam sunyi,
Tapi di luar bermacam bunyi...

Ada burung berkicauan,
Ada motokar berderuan,
Ada manusia berjalan, 
Walhasil, ada kemeriahan...

Lalu kurenung di sebalik diriku,
Apakah yg membelenggu fikiranku,
Tanpa meriah aku terpaku,
Dek jiwa resah gelisah tak siapa yg tahu...

Aku kupas dan kupas perasaanku,
Mencari jawapan bg setiap perbicaraan hatiku,
Hingga akhirnya diriku tahu,
Rupanya jiwa resah kerana merindui suamiku.