Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roti Jagung (Cream Corn Bun)

It’s just a cream corn bun; it sounds zilch
Soft grown yeast with sweetie creamy corny fill
A value of some cents which some may eat without feel
But for me, it gave thousands means.

Oh cream corn bun...
I picked you from shelf after a few rounds hunt
You just remind me of your youth gentle fan
Who is my beloved husband, Azlan.

Well, cream corn bun...
I valued your great taste and now I am your fan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The LOVES towards mothers! Happy Mother's Day

The world knows what a mother’s love means
The hearted children know what the value is
Nothing compared to a mother’s love bliss
It’s a magical love nobody could pay fees.

Conversely, do mothers know we love them?
No matter who we are today, the great loves are still hers
We sincerely appreciate the whole lot from mothers
All done were their loves towards us
Thus we don’t count how much loves they spend for us
Because we knew infinity is the counter.

Dear mothers,
If we may lend you our lives for a while,
You may know our true hearts and souls,
They tell you our true loves towards you...
If we may choose to die before you,
You may know our true tiny sacrifices,
They tell you our appreciation towards you...
Unfortunately, the world is not ours to simply choose.
Thus at times our loves may be hiding beyond our serene life with you,
Which then you may sometimes quest our loves on you.

Well mothers,
We always love you no matter what you are.
Happy Mother's Day...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A copied-pasted post from Hajar's blog (*_*)

I just noticed this post(below)at Hajar's blog! OMG it has been more than a year, Jar! Thank you for such a sweet story. Amazed your tears & I really appreciate that. You & I know the love story, and I'm sure we're deeply appreciate what LOVE is :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Perkahwinan Raihan & Alan

raihan & alan...

percintaan mereka start masa ktorang sem 4 kot di UPM...Lan adalah junior kami masa di UPM..same course ngan ktorang..ntah camne ekk, dorang leh bercinta..tp, mula2 mmg close la..ktorang bertiga selalu g lepak kat putrajaya, mkn kat food court persint 8 tue..pastu, balik mkn lepak lak kat jambatan putrajaya tue..aku ni sbnarnyer sbgai member tuk 'cover line' dorang jek..tp, aku tak kisah..layan jeks..pernah gak, tetiba jek raihan ajak g genting..ktorang pon g la dengan excitednya..raihan,lan,aku, aini n yana kecik..best la bila teringat that moments..

raihan n lan gak, pernah teman aku g hantar present tuk abg aku kat mantin masa tue..sanggup tu mereka ni nak hantar...padahal dah mlm buta masa tue..sgt sporting dorang ni..
aku ingat lagi, aku penah berkomplot ngan lan nak suprisekan raihan..masa tue, tgh cuti sem..aku ngan raihan kat BP la..lan nak dtg bp masa tue tp nak suprisekan raihan...
plannyer..pada hr tu, aku ajak raihan breakfast sesama kat Project jalan Kluang..aku dah bgtau lan yg ktorang akan breakfast kat situ kol 8pg..lan gerak dr KL kol 4pg kot..then, tgh ktorang breakfast tu, lan pon smpai..raihan tersgtla suprise dgn kehadiran lan masa tue..tersengih2..suka ar dia, kekasihnya dtg...aku pon hepi tgk dorang..then, ktorang g tjg agas,muar..lepak2 kat sana kejap..kejap jek..sbb mak ryan dah call tanyer katne..mmg pecut terus raihan balik pastue...
bykla kenangan2 manis..suka duka mereka bersama...penuh dgn drama dan air mata..ermm..bukan senang tau..berkat kesabaran dorang, akhirnya mereka di ijabkabulkan...alhamdulillah..tu pasal la aku menangis waktu dorang nikah hr tu Nad!
those are the happy moments...

kami semua mendoakan kebahagiaan...

Pn. Raihan Bte Ramli & En. Azlan Shah Bin Aziz

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Time Manager and its Time

As time flies faster than the chirping Hirundapus caudacutus,
The planned things go out of the bounders,
No laps to keep them tight, no fingers to grab them taut,
It flies away without reversing to the Time Manager,
Who isn’t capable enough to deal with time proficiently…

“Bye-bye”, said the Time
The Time Manager would just gaze blankly,
Feeling guilty of the things undone,
Hoping to get some more precious time,
To cover all the messy stuff wiring head and mind…

Now… the Time Manager asked, “Where are you, Time?”
The Time happily replied, “I’m here! Why are you calling me?”
“I need you, my dear!” begged the Time Manager.
“Well, a Time is always a Time. I cannot turn my way back to you, dear. Once gone, it’s gone. The God is giving you another precious Time, for you to optimally use” the Time said.
The Time Manager then pulls out her another sheet of recycled paper,
To re-write the list of things unsettled… again… a new day with a new Time begins…

Hirundapus caudacutus” : http://www.thetravelalmanac.com/lists/birds-speed.htm