Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Made My Day~

It’s a working day
So early in the cock-crow
I wake up with small iris watching at the ‘phone’
Feel sluggish to stand up, but
I need to go to work.
Feel indolent to bath, but
I know I won’t be fresh without the ‘soap’.

I know I’m late passed 8 in the morning, but
I’m contented to always try the ‘smart tag’ on the dashboard.

I am there late at the entrance, but
I am calmed by the ‘smile’ face.

It’s a breakfast time
So I search for the ‘one’ to be with me.

It’s a lunch time
Thanks God to be with the ‘three'
It is simple, yet new, temptation, and
The ‘best’ of all the lunch I had.

It’s nearly five,
But the ‘invitation’ appreciates my passed effort.

Thanks God, I made my day… You know why?

‘Phone’, it’s my endurance fiancĂ© to wake me up
‘Soap’, it’s my determine pal to sell it to me
‘Smart tag’, it’s my caring fiancĂ© to buy for me
‘Smile’, it’s the polite guard to smile at staff
‘One’, it’s the one good sis to accompany me for breakfast
‘Three', it’s my buddy plus two new pals
‘Best’, it’s the lunch I enjoyed with my long-time-no-see best buddy
‘Invitation’, it’s the one hi-tea invitation to celebrate our previous sports day.

Thus those had made my real day of today
I love today
I love all the people around me
They are the one who made my day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

what is LOVE?

It’s true, we often wrangle
It’s true, we like it guileless
It’s exactly true, no matter what, we damn in LOVE.
LOVE never know when it started
Love never know how it develops
Love never know how it expands
But Love never understand why it cracks in a sudden
And yet Love never know how it recovers
As Love never realizes what made it SO.
SO is Love a Painful gizmo?
So is Love the Owner of devotion?
So is Love a Wonderful obsession?
So is Love the Eden to be?
So is Love the Respect we covet?
Thus irrevocably Love is POWER.

Monday, May 5, 2008

what's my latest poem?

friends... i don't even have time to have any poem in april! may...OMG lots of office work to do! It's a bit hard for me to write even a single poem, though it's 1 of my hobbies! please help me how to solve this!!!!