Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's that LADY?

A ‘yuck-looking’ mama of two kids
A ‘desperate’ wife of a ‘maybe-innocent’ husband
A ‘bad-conduct’ staff of a ‘bad-culture’ organization
A ‘guilty’ lady of a never forgive sin
Huh~ sounds hers exactly!

Who’s that lady?
It’s her, the never seal big mouth with never good words
With never good heart and never good soul
Good for her to be in a damn shit cistern
Huh~ sounds for her exactly!

Shoos~ you smell bad as bad as your face
Go away from my life
I don’t want to be like you
Huh~ sounds a way out from her!

who's that girl?

a GIRL is always HOT for men,

but NOT all girls behave HUMANE...

who's that girl?

she is the one BITCHING with man,

a man of somebody's beloved,

yet acting naive and innocent...

what a pitty girl, desperate finding illegal love...


hey bitchy girl,

don't let me challenge you just because of something stupid,

a stupid behaviour by a STUPID girl

that just give stupid outcomes

supported by stupid PEOPLE...


sometimes stupid girl,

you have to look at yourself,

your stupid mind and your not-pretty face,

it's just imaging your BLACK heart and soul...


hey DESPERATE girl,

the almighty God is always there...

knowing, watching, listening, and everything...

at your do, did, and done...

i'll NOT even FORGIVE you till the end of my life,

but i just let it go to the God...

thank you for God's blessing.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summarising you...eheh...

Your nothing is my something
Your something is my magic
Your magic is my satisfaction
Your satisfaction is my enthusiasm
And that is you
The personality I’m engaging to.

Nukilan Seorang Wanita Bergelar Isteri~

"Kenangan itu kadangkala teramat pahit untuk diredah,
tetapi ia terlalu manis untuk dikenang.
Hidup tak selalunya indah tapi
yang indah itu tetap hidup dalam kenangan.
Andainya hadirnya cinta sekadar untuk mengecewakan,
lebih baik cinta itu tak pernah hadir.
Kecewa bercinta bukan bermakna dunia sudah berakhir.
Masa depan yang cerah berdasarkan pada
Masa lalu yang telah dilupakan.
Hidup ini indah jika kita tahu menghargainya" ...

quoted by Pn. Mashitah Ishak, my closed lovely officemate



Thank God I’m running
Still living on the provisional world
What a life I’m surviving
Lots of tests caused tears beyond smile
And laugh covered sadness
That’s what I called WONDERFUL.

Thank God I’m thinking
Still touching on the situation
What a life I’m surviving
Lots of conditions caused surprise over stability
And excitement replaced disappointment
That’s what I called BEAUTIFUL.

Thank God I’m feeling
Still holding hands on hands
What a life I’m surviving
Lots of lovely human caused complete over loneliness
And smiling lying on satisfaction
That’s what I called CHEERFUL.

Acara Usang~

Keheningan malam menghilang pergi
Keindahan purnama beralih sepi
Kesimpangan subuh menyusupi pagi
Kegirangan mentari menyinari diri

Darah yang mengalir tenang
Kembali deras di bumi terang
Mengisi hari tak gusar usang
Asal mencari hasil senang

Langit terang kembali gelap
Keringat menitik berkurang lembap
Hasil dikumpul walau tak bertimpa
Hati yang kecil terharu lega

Hasil hanya modalan permata
Agar ia berkembang lebih sedepa
Mencapai hasrat menggunung belaka
Agar berwaris kekal dipinta

Jika usang henti bernyawa
Ingat permata kaulah harta
Yang dikasih tanpa dahaga
Sungguhnya, usang bertuah bermilik permata.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I value love is for ‘caring’ much,
Seeing that ‘caring’ is the foundation of love,
But…may be ‘caring’ is meant in everybody’s own way.
My ‘caring’ to him is like caring to myself;
Not a blind jealous, or a defect trust,
But a deep sincere care I’ve ever done for nobody except him.
Nevertheless, the ‘caring’ I’ve invested countered me saddest return,
That’s a hard, hard thing for me to honestly adapt,
Though he unintentionally experienced me times.

Well, I don’t psyche if he’s in deep water, a high mountain, or a thick forest,
But…where he is now?
Mmm…he’s just on the surface;
There’re lines to reach,
There’re channels to cover
There’re spaces to reserve,
Yet none might been tried,
For no reason I’ve ever been consoled.

Wow…how thwarted I am,
But come on my dear self,
I’m here with a one-to-one heart,
Consoling own with tears and pray,
With patience and endless confuse.
Hope God bless my ‘caring’ towards him.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Made My Day~

It’s a working day
So early in the cock-crow
I wake up with small iris watching at the ‘phone’
Feel sluggish to stand up, but
I need to go to work.
Feel indolent to bath, but
I know I won’t be fresh without the ‘soap’.

I know I’m late passed 8 in the morning, but
I’m contented to always try the ‘smart tag’ on the dashboard.

I am there late at the entrance, but
I am calmed by the ‘smile’ face.

It’s a breakfast time
So I search for the ‘one’ to be with me.

It’s a lunch time
Thanks God to be with the ‘three'
It is simple, yet new, temptation, and
The ‘best’ of all the lunch I had.

It’s nearly five,
But the ‘invitation’ appreciates my passed effort.

Thanks God, I made my day… You know why?

‘Phone’, it’s my endurance fiancĂ© to wake me up
‘Soap’, it’s my determine pal to sell it to me
‘Smart tag’, it’s my caring fiancĂ© to buy for me
‘Smile’, it’s the polite guard to smile at staff
‘One’, it’s the one good sis to accompany me for breakfast
‘Three', it’s my buddy plus two new pals
‘Best’, it’s the lunch I enjoyed with my long-time-no-see best buddy
‘Invitation’, it’s the one hi-tea invitation to celebrate our previous sports day.

Thus those had made my real day of today
I love today
I love all the people around me
They are the one who made my day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

what is LOVE?

It’s true, we often wrangle
It’s true, we like it guileless
It’s exactly true, no matter what, we damn in LOVE.
LOVE never know when it started
Love never know how it develops
Love never know how it expands
But Love never understand why it cracks in a sudden
And yet Love never know how it recovers
As Love never realizes what made it SO.
SO is Love a Painful gizmo?
So is Love the Owner of devotion?
So is Love a Wonderful obsession?
So is Love the Eden to be?
So is Love the Respect we covet?
Thus irrevocably Love is POWER.

Monday, May 5, 2008

what's my latest poem?

friends... i don't even have time to have any poem in april! may...OMG lots of office work to do! It's a bit hard for me to write even a single poem, though it's 1 of my hobbies! please help me how to solve this!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008 peace

Now I’m telling you what I’m beholding…

A fresh green…It’s natural
Starts with shady trees, ends with rows of beautiful hills
Sheltered with bright blue sky, enjoyed with fun birds flies,
How nice the world is, it’s the meaning of peace.

When I say it peace, it relates how my heart is,
It keeps all the touch feelings,
It tells all the smile doings,
Well it digs all the nice histories,
This keeps me blooming,
For a day to enjoy working.

Enjoy working!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Before Sleep...

The stars glimmering,
The moon brightening,
The natural noises rising,
The eyes heavy by the deep breathing,
But yet not in a dream,
As the mind keep thinking.

Thinking in deep silence,
Strikes me countless questions,
With the never end solutions,
Yet to be a new problem,
For the mind to be in action.
Where some lead blissful smiles,
Others bring poignant tears,
By the heart told thousands reasons,
To start a momentous sleep,
For a new life to begin.

Good night…

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kerana Cinta~

Kerana cinta,
Fikiranku meronta
Meronta pinta belas keluarga.
Kerana cinta,
Hatiku melebur
Melebur kasih nan teguh.
Kerana cinta,
Diriku mengabdi
Mengabdi sepuas hati.
Kerana cinta,
Aku tempuh seluas alam
Walau aku tau
Kudratku lemah
Mungkin tak sedaya mana.
Namun kerana cinta,
Aku rela betapa lama
Tak henti langkah jika tak henti nadi.
Tapi hanya kerana cinta
Adakah si dia melangkah di alamku?
Adakah langkahnya seiring nadi?
Hanya kerana cinta,
Aku gila berkata
Kerana, hanya cinta
Hati aku bertakhta.

The 3 Phrases to tell ~

If i leave this world before you,
There are only three phrases to tell,
Sorry for the things i've ever done to you,
Thank you for everything i've got from you,
I love you as you are,
You made me more than smile in my life,
Without love,
No friend will ever be in friendship,
No partner will ever be my belover,
No family will ever be in my chain.
Sorry, Thanks, Love you...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

To love ~

To love you, is out of the ordinary
To love you, my life is brighter
To love you, brought me out of castle
Find my own ways I haven’t dream of
With you I never trance
But with you I have trust
The trust I never lie
Even you’re a stranger

You always made me smile
Took me a good time
Wherever you are
I feel blessed you’re mine

I hope you bring me right
To a better castle I ever lived
To a brighter sky I ever had
To a smoother breeze I ever felt
To every best of your best
With me still you holding
Please don’t ever leave me
As I have missed my own life
Just to go with you a stranger I love.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am Yours~

The time I knew who I am,
When the time I know I’m not yours,
After twenty years breathing with you,
I shocked amid mind-boggling truth,
Nobody knows how it boggled,
But now, it’s hiding deep in my heart.
Not to face up though be digging,
As now I know even I’m not yours.
You had made me to be yours,
When I was just no nothing,
As my eyes see blurred,
And my mouth tasted milk.
You raised and still raising me up,
You taught and still teaching me love,
You made me touched never ending,
By whom you are,
By what you did, done and doing.
Thus I don’t want to know who I belong truly,
As I already have you in my heart,
And so,
I am yours.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

when HaPpY :)

When I see, I see like wanna stare
When I smile, I smile like I wanna laugh
When I touch, I touch like I wanna spank
When I talk, I talk like I wanna sing
When I walk, I walk like I wanna dance
When I sleep, I sleep like I wanna open my eyes
'Coz I know... tomorrow will not be the same like I'm now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'll walk when my feet move,
I'll move when my mind blinks,
but when it blinks, i cannot grab.
Well it need the heart to plug for the blinks...
What does my heart feel is where my walk heading to.
The heart will show the sparks,
give me light to see the reflection.
Thus feet without a heart leads you to nowhere,
mind without a heart give you no feeling,
Heart without a piece of mind will let you fly without wings.
Thus... walk with your heart, mind, and feet...


Life starts from a deep silence
Thus lets stop a while, refresh the soft sense
Hear what you hear, think what you hear
See what you see, think what you see
What is it all about? Analyse it
Then you know...
What you hear is the ryhthm you're now,
What you wish to hear...go for it, to the source of the decibel...
What you see is the meaning of what God ask you to think,
What you wish to see...go for it, to the reflection of reality...
Well life is beautiful though it's hard to live in sometimes
Think of the best and the worst of your life...that's how life means to you
Thanks God life is for you...