Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kerana Cinta~

Kerana cinta,
Fikiranku meronta
Meronta pinta belas keluarga.
Kerana cinta,
Hatiku melebur
Melebur kasih nan teguh.
Kerana cinta,
Diriku mengabdi
Mengabdi sepuas hati.
Kerana cinta,
Aku tempuh seluas alam
Walau aku tau
Kudratku lemah
Mungkin tak sedaya mana.
Namun kerana cinta,
Aku rela betapa lama
Tak henti langkah jika tak henti nadi.
Tapi hanya kerana cinta
Adakah si dia melangkah di alamku?
Adakah langkahnya seiring nadi?
Hanya kerana cinta,
Aku gila berkata
Kerana, hanya cinta
Hati aku bertakhta.

The 3 Phrases to tell ~

If i leave this world before you,
There are only three phrases to tell,
Sorry for the things i've ever done to you,
Thank you for everything i've got from you,
I love you as you are,
You made me more than smile in my life,
Without love,
No friend will ever be in friendship,
No partner will ever be my belover,
No family will ever be in my chain.
Sorry, Thanks, Love you...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

To love ~

To love you, is out of the ordinary
To love you, my life is brighter
To love you, brought me out of castle
Find my own ways I haven’t dream of
With you I never trance
But with you I have trust
The trust I never lie
Even you’re a stranger

You always made me smile
Took me a good time
Wherever you are
I feel blessed you’re mine

I hope you bring me right
To a better castle I ever lived
To a brighter sky I ever had
To a smoother breeze I ever felt
To every best of your best
With me still you holding
Please don’t ever leave me
As I have missed my own life
Just to go with you a stranger I love.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am Yours~

The time I knew who I am,
When the time I know I’m not yours,
After twenty years breathing with you,
I shocked amid mind-boggling truth,
Nobody knows how it boggled,
But now, it’s hiding deep in my heart.
Not to face up though be digging,
As now I know even I’m not yours.
You had made me to be yours,
When I was just no nothing,
As my eyes see blurred,
And my mouth tasted milk.
You raised and still raising me up,
You taught and still teaching me love,
You made me touched never ending,
By whom you are,
By what you did, done and doing.
Thus I don’t want to know who I belong truly,
As I already have you in my heart,
And so,
I am yours.