Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's that LADY?

A ‘yuck-looking’ mama of two kids
A ‘desperate’ wife of a ‘maybe-innocent’ husband
A ‘bad-conduct’ staff of a ‘bad-culture’ organization
A ‘guilty’ lady of a never forgive sin
Huh~ sounds hers exactly!

Who’s that lady?
It’s her, the never seal big mouth with never good words
With never good heart and never good soul
Good for her to be in a damn shit cistern
Huh~ sounds for her exactly!

Shoos~ you smell bad as bad as your face
Go away from my life
I don’t want to be like you
Huh~ sounds a way out from her!

who's that girl?

a GIRL is always HOT for men,

but NOT all girls behave HUMANE...

who's that girl?

she is the one BITCHING with man,

a man of somebody's beloved,

yet acting naive and innocent...

what a pitty girl, desperate finding illegal love...


hey bitchy girl,

don't let me challenge you just because of something stupid,

a stupid behaviour by a STUPID girl

that just give stupid outcomes

supported by stupid PEOPLE...


sometimes stupid girl,

you have to look at yourself,

your stupid mind and your not-pretty face,

it's just imaging your BLACK heart and soul...


hey DESPERATE girl,

the almighty God is always there...

knowing, watching, listening, and everything...

at your do, did, and done...

i'll NOT even FORGIVE you till the end of my life,

but i just let it go to the God...

thank you for God's blessing.