Thursday, February 12, 2009

sleepy craze

there is nothing i can do to stop being sleepy, when i say i am sleepy, yes i am, my eyes could not be on their own anymore, they need 1 thing...and that thing is...."pillow". P for PHH whatta sleepy... I for I am trying hard to open my eyes, L for LOST of focus already... L for LOL help me please... O for OH my God, wake me up... W for WOW the forum i am attending now is going to be dismissed...huh::

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ijab & Qabul

The perfect praise belongs to Him,
That brings us to the deal of a complete life,
The fundamental pillar of Islamic Law & Contract,
Specifically the Intention & Consent,
Ijab & Qabul.

My dear husband,
It is such a startling story to tell the world,
How we got into a beautiful reactor of our love equation,
That definitely cannot be found in any other chemistry,
As of each creature has its only one of its kind.

I remember the time we met on the beautiful bridge,
The tranquility of the dark territory,
Above the black lake of no sun,
That was the first time we met…
Then, the baroque moment in time,
On the trip of empathy towards our friend,
Far and there we know each other,
Until now, we are still exploring more,
In our deep and sincere loves that locked us in a comfort life.

My love,
Whatever it is,
There are lots more to tell you,
But let us store our old & fresh memories,
Be it our good flash of lessons,
Thus to learn and keep learning,
To grab the almost perfect way of life,
As what is there in our contract of offer & acceptance.

I love you my dear,
And more love & love & love after the Ijab & Qabul…
May God bless us…