Monday, April 7, 2008 peace

Now I’m telling you what I’m beholding…

A fresh green…It’s natural
Starts with shady trees, ends with rows of beautiful hills
Sheltered with bright blue sky, enjoyed with fun birds flies,
How nice the world is, it’s the meaning of peace.

When I say it peace, it relates how my heart is,
It keeps all the touch feelings,
It tells all the smile doings,
Well it digs all the nice histories,
This keeps me blooming,
For a day to enjoy working.

Enjoy working!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Before Sleep...

The stars glimmering,
The moon brightening,
The natural noises rising,
The eyes heavy by the deep breathing,
But yet not in a dream,
As the mind keep thinking.

Thinking in deep silence,
Strikes me countless questions,
With the never end solutions,
Yet to be a new problem,
For the mind to be in action.
Where some lead blissful smiles,
Others bring poignant tears,
By the heart told thousands reasons,
To start a momentous sleep,
For a new life to begin.

Good night…