Monday, October 24, 2011

* Exhausted vs Responsibility *

That seems not a good life in surface thought
Subsurfacely, it held every reason to ponder
Which in conclusion, it’s all about responsibility.

Born to be a caliph
It’s a promise as an Islamic Ummah
A caliph is expected to live with responsibility
That gains a complete satisfaction once it gets done.

Responsibility could be realized when you paused awhile from what you’re doing
Once at a time, one-by-one
Through experience appears by times
But only if you think and keep on thinking as if you’re a thinker of a down-to-earth man.

The more you grow, the more responsibility you hold
Hence the more the exhaustion
But if you know the significance of exhaustion and responsibility,
It’ll be…
The more you’ll appreciate the exhaustion as…
The more responsibility should explain a more responsible caliph.

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