Monday, February 7, 2011


When I was a small baby,
I never know how I was...
Until now I saw my own baby,
And see my own nephew,
Then I knew how I smiled and cried,
Made the world smiled with me.

When I was a little toddler,
I never know how I behaved...
Until now I see my nieces,
Then I knew how I was taught to be good,
Made the world smiled at me.

When I was a grown child,
It's not all that I remember...
Until now I see the growing children,
Then I refreshed with all the happiness,
An everyday gifts from the only couple.
Made them smile with satisfaction.

When I was a teenager,
It's even more that I could remember,
But it's not that all I could imagine those time,
Until now I see my teenage niece,
An intermediate status between a child and an adult,
Made the world cautions with patience.

When I was a new adult,
The early 20s was more than to only remember,
Until I now I see my blogposts,
Refreshing the times of smiles and cries,
Just like the basis of life,
From the born till the death,
Until the dot comes to an end of life chapters.

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